Why Would You Want to be a Christian?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what that means for you. Each one of us is created 100% unique with an entirely unique perspective and set of experiences. But there is one who knows exactly who you are, and who he created you to be. He knows every thought that crosses your mind. He knew your name before you were ever born (Jeremiah 1:5). He knows every single hair on your head (Matthew 10:30). And yet, he gives us the freedom of choice. Out of love, he sent his one and only son to put our regrets, failures, and mistakes to death. And this gives us a choice. Will we choose to believe there is a greater power than ourselves, or will we choose to reject the thought that there is something more at work that what our eyes can see?

If you DO choose to believe and let him into your life, I can promise you will begin to understand what it means to you. Maybe “it” to you is finally peace in the midst of chaos. Maybe “it” is love and acceptance when all you know is rejection. Maybe “it” is the only thing that will quiet your soul in the middle of the dark. I wish I could explain “it” for you and to you. But that is simply something that you will have to find on your own journey with the God who created you. He knows exactly what you need. He knows what your soul is lacking. I can, however, assure you what he gives us is nothing that this world or our own human efforts can ever fulfill. Nothing is meant to suffice our desire for him but him. When you realize this, I can promise you nothing will ever compare. Not career, not family, not success, not wealth, not any of the pleasures of this world. He will be the fire in your soul. He will be the reason you find true purpose. He will be the reason you still go through the inevitable trials of life, but with an unshakeable faith that he is with you and he is for you. He will never leave you and he will never forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

This weekend, we remember his death. But more importantly, we celebrate his resurrection. We call him King of kings. Not because of popularity, not because of all the material things he could give us, not because he is some distant idol we have to live up to and do an impossible amount of things for. But because of what he already did… what not one of us could ever do. He took every shame, every pain, every mess, and took our punishment. Who would do something like this, for people who could never offer enough to repay him? A king. Our king. Our father, our friend, our advocate. He paid our debt so that, in return, we could choose him to be “it” for us. I hope you will choose him to be “it” for you, too. ❤️

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By kassiepecot

Thanks for stopping by. ❤️ My hope is to share the good news of Jesus to all, through the wonderful power of technology.

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