Choose Life

What’s the worst part of depression?

That it ransacks the hope that you courageously battled for? So does tragedy.

That it holds wide open a painful emptiness in your heart? So does grief.

That it’s silent and invisible to much of the world? So is cancer.

It’s not what IT is. But what it makes you think YOU are.

The conniving dragon of depression causes you to believe that YOU are hopeless… that YOU are empty… that YOU are silent and invisible.

That those that surround you would be better left free from such a burden. It has the power to convince you that what you think you have failed at is the same as what God has failed at.

But hear me. God is the God who sees us. All of us. He sees you. Just like Hagar in Genesis 16, he sees you running from your past and lost on the highway of despair. He sees your pain and brokenness, and offers you hope and a future (Jer. 29:11)

You are not invisible.

Our father says, “You must keep on speaking about the words of God’s law. Think about what it says, all the time. Then you will be careful to obey it. Then you will help yourselves to do well, and to win.” (Joshua‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭EASY‬‬) God wants you to talk back to the enemy when he tries to deceive you.

You are not silent.

You are a visibly decorated warrior, loudly wielding your sword of his word.

You are chosen and you matter.

By kassiepecot

Thanks for stopping by. ❤️ My hope is to share the good news of Jesus to all, through the wonderful power of technology.

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