The Loudest Whisper

“I bet Pastor wishes he had someone louder for this…”, I hear someone mumble… just after my attempt to give a brief encouragement to the 50 volunteers standing around me. Ugh. There goes any sliver of confidence I just had. Not to mention, the negative self-talk is already at peak performance when I’m tired and stressed. Yes, yes… I’m completely used to hearing this sort of remark. So, honestly, it doesn’t have the same piercing effect as it used to. Still, it’s an old wound that’s been poked and I know the sting will hit me after the crowds and adrenaline have disappeared.

Lo and behold, the unwelcome voices come chiming in… late that night and for the next couple of days. They pounce on my thoughts like a vicious pack of lions. They start out semi-loud and work their way up to a screeching crescendo…

“They’re completely right…

What am I even doing?

There really should be someone louder to lead these teams for the church…

I’m pretty sure I completely screwed up everyone’s experience…

Are the other leaders disappointed in me?

Once again, I’ve validated that I’m a fake and belong in my place… in the back corner…

Everyone would literally be better off without me and the burden that I am.”

These obnoxious thoughts eventually die down a bit. Enough for me to hear the still, soft whisper of my Father. As he often does, He speaks through one of my beautiful sisters. “Just keep being the light that you are”, she says. She probably has no idea how much I needed to hear that. The enemy had been working overtime the last few days on showing me the dark, and I certainly wasn’t feel like I had any type of light to shine.

Not a moment to soon, I’m brought back to one of my all-time favorite stories… in 1 Kings 19, where Elijah is distraught over being outnumbered by his enemies. He is sitting in a cave of isolation when the Lord asks the famous question, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Then he proceeds with instruction to wait for the Lord to pass by. All in the waiting, there are these seemingly unnecessary interruptions… Violent, thunderous events… One after another… but the Lord is not in any of them. At last, Elijah hears a gentle whisper encouraging him to go back the way he came and claim the Lord’s victory over his enemies.

And I can hear him so genuinely whispering to me the same: “What are you doing here, daughter? Come out of the dark and familiar cave you ran into so abruptly. Stand on the mountain I have placed you on and listen for my voice. Keep me close so that you will hear me amidst the loud, crashing distractions around you. Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you. I will have no need to shout because I will be close to you, and I will keep you in the palm of my hand. Hear my voice and let it remind you that I chose you just the way you are, and I will be with you always. Now go back the way you came and claim victory over the enemy.”

My friends, if you’re anything like me… it’s so easy to run to the familiar places. Our flesh desires it because it is all we know. But we must come out of hiding and choose to listen to the right voice. That is the only way we will rise victorious when the enemy comes roaring at us. He can be oh so loud and scary. But let us keep the word of our Father so close that his whisper is louder. 🤍

By kassiepecot

Thanks for stopping by. ❤️ My hope is to share the good news of Jesus to all, through the wonderful power of technology.

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